12 oz. Dried Golden Grapes

Dried Golden Grapes

Our Caramel Naturel Dried Golden Grapes are naturally sweet, mildly tart, and very delicious. With no added sugar or preservatives, their light sweetness derives purely from the concentrated flavor of the dried grape. Our dried golden grapes stay plump and flavorful, having far more sweetness and a chewier texture than your average raisin.

No pesticides, additives, or preservatives are used in the cultivation or packaging of Caramel Naturel Dried Golden Grapes, making it a completely natural and exceptionally healthy food. Fat and sodium free, our dried grapes provide for a nutritious 100% vegan and gluten free product.

Caramel Naturel Dried Golden Grapes can be added to your yogurt or cereal at breakfast, are ideal for salads and snacking, and are a great choice for baking. Their subtly sweet and mildly tart quality provides great flavor balance in savory dishes as well.