Packing and Distribution

All Caramel Naturel dates are hand picked at the height of ripeness and packed on location using proprietary post-harvest handling techniques to ensure safety and preserve quality. These techniques were developed according to rigorous food safety guidelines determined by government agencies such as OSHA, FDA, USDA, and EPA. The state of California is the safest place for growing and shipping fresh produce because it has the strictest government compliance laws in the country and arguably, the world. Our post-harvest handling techniques enable us to provide superb quality products to our consumers throughout the year.

Caramel Naturel dates and date products are transported from the farm to our distribution center in Los Angeles, CA; strategically located for its proximity to international ports and Interstate railways and freeways. Our fresh California dates are sold throughout the world to large supermarket chains, wholesale clubs, independent grocers, specialty food stores, and farmer’s markets.